Our Team

We are happy to have some very experienced experts on board with 365.
Find out who are the people behind 365!

Andreas Kegelmann (Sports Director, AFCVNRW e.V.)

Andreas has helped to build one of the biggest football authorities and youth development football programs in Europe. The AFCVNRW e.V. is managing approximately 14.000 football players and hundreds of games a year. His Greenmachine state selection program is one of the most successful youth football development programs and camp series in Europe. He has coached football for more than 20 years and is working on public relations, partnerships & will be coaching at camps for 365.

Heiko Kurzawa (Entrepreneur)

Heiko has managed several huge football camps and has been responsible to organize the biggest American Football Event “American Football Without Barriers” with NFL Players and Coaches, to ever have taken place in Europe. His son played High School Football and Heiko has organized several teams playing international games in the U.S.. His expertise will help our camps and college tours to be the most organized and structured camps and college tours around the globe.

Peter Daletzki (Entrepreneur & Successful Football Coach)

Peter has more than 10 years of football coaching experience. He has won several national titles as a Headcoach while coordinating the offense. He is an expert on every offensive position with a huge passion for Quarterbacks. He has helped several athletes to receive D1 scholarships and has developed the first D1 Power 5 offered Quarterback Luke Wentz as well as the second D1 offered Quarterback Alexander Honig out of Europe. His work has made history and now he is focused on developing football players for 365 and helping them on a successful recruiting process.

Immo Osterkamp (Football Coach & Football Scout)

Immo has coached and played football for several years. He was one of the main figure scouting D1 level athletes leading to the success of international recruiting for other organizations before 365 was started. Immo will be focusing on scouting athletes while helping them on a successful recruiting process as well.

Staff & Ambassadors

Fabian Höller

Fabian has a huge history as a player, playing D1 Football for UMASS from 2013 until 2016. When he returned to Germany he played for Frankfurt Universe and the Cologne Crocodiles before starting his coaching career. Fabian is working with us on college relations as well as developing athletes.

Nils Müller

Nils is one of the most exciting coaching kick-starters in the recent history of german football. Nils has just won the German National Title with the Greenmachine Team and has multiple years of coaching experience, developing his own football offensive system. Nils is also featured on RAN Sport at Pro Sieben Maxx every Saturday being a TV Expert & Analyst. Nils will help to find & develop the best players in Europe while being a brand ambassador to partners and possible donors to our development programs.

Thomas Prange

We are excited to have Thomas Prange with 365! Thomas is a track & field sprint expert on the national and Olympic level. Thomas has developed his own system of coaching speed and has had huge success developing some of the fastest runners in Germany. He will help our camp participants to understand how speed training works!

Kai Schreckenberg

Kai was one of the first athletes from Germany to ever play College Football. From 1999 until 2002 he played for East Tennessee State. He has over 25 years of combined football experience and is a Defensive Line Expert. We are pleased to have him on our Team developing football players at our Camps!