Developing international American Football Players and bringing Structure, Trustworthiness, Professionalism and Transparency to international recruiting.

American Football is an internationally highly growing sport & market. In Europe and especially in Germany – participation numbers have doubled and tripled within the past decade. But even further away in Japan, Australia, Africa as well as in many other countries on our planet – more and more people are playing the sport that we love at 365. The international recruiting market is growing and soon we at 365 discovered the need for a structured, trustworthy, professional and transparent pipeline to American College Programs.

Together with one of the biggest German Football Authorities, the AFCVNRW e.V. we have started the idea of 365. 365 is non-profit business that is committed to developing American Football internationally. By hosting football development and scouting camps our aim is to find the best college level athletes and connecting them with colleges or high schools in the United States while giving every young athlete access to premier coaching. We are focused on developing and guiding young athletes to become better man for our communities as well as better Football Players while giving them the exposure and opportunity to get recruited.

Our vision is to be the most trusted brand by .

One of our main strengths will be the strong relationships that we are building within the international football families. It’s a level of trust that has been built running one of the most prestige international youth developing programs, the “Greenmachine” and our trust will be maintained with performance.

Our Services provide:

Our Mission

Our mission is to help every student-athlete and college program benefit from a successful international athletic development & recruiting process.

We are the trusted source for college coaches in recruiting student-athletes and for support, guidance, development & transparency to athletes and their families. We are the standard for international recruiting and football development. Just like coaching, 365 is taking athletes to higher levels. We work 365 days a year, tirelessly to ensure that our student-athletes and their families are confident, informed and inspired by the opportunities that we create together.

We know that all student-athletes working with us is a commitment to those athletes and their families, developing the future leaders of our tomorrow’s world.

How we do it

Transparency to international recruiting

Every year thousands of athletes and their families with their desires to play American Football in the U.S are coming face-to face with the challenge of international college recruiting. As for the most countries in Europe education is almost for free. College tuition in the United States can be as high as 40.000$ per year. For most kids in the U.S. and as well as for internationals with the desire to become a student-athlete playing American Football at colleges, the only way being able to do that, is by receiving a full-ride scholarship. Understanding how the recruiting process works, as well as how to get on the radar of college coaches and how to meet the academic requirements in order to receive clearance by the NCAA, is important. Even for those who have already done a little recruiting homework, they are often left with more questions, very few simple answers and an uneasy feeling they are somehow falling behind. For 365 – transparency to the process and guidance through the process of becoming recruited and being eligible is one of the main focuses.

Trustworthiness & Professionalism

Academics are an essential part of every recruiting effort as well as testing & evaluating athletes and those results for college coaches are. Through our knowledge and expertise we are checking NCAA core course requirements, review GPA’s, discuss grade reports and transcripts, and look at SAT / ACT test schedules and recommend a course of action to maximize every athletes academic standing. We are also committed to help athletes receive guidance throughout their academic career while showing them several options and ways to finish their school diplomas to meet the NCAA Eligibility requirements while understanding the different school systems in every country.

At 365 we have standardized all of our combine testing’s to be a trustworthy and professional source for college coaches. We are using the newest Technology’s in measuring and testing athletes.

We are working with a team of some of the most successful international football coaches and we have built a network of experts that know what athletes need in order to become a college level athlete. All of our camps are professionally organized with a high standard, giving athletes the opportunity to know where they stand and in which aspects they still need to develop.

Athletic & Football Development

At 365 we are offering different camp opportunities around the globe. We are focused on developing our athletes in every aspect while envisioning the complete student-athlete at all times. We are offering continuous football development with combine, combine prep and skills camps. Through our camps we are scouting elite athletes & talents and we are seeking to develop them on a regular basis giving them tools and a vision for what they can do in order to get better in every aspect of a student-athlete.

We are also committed to hosting clinics, conventions and coaching coaches to further grow the game of football around the globe.

Through our broad network of different partners we are giving athletes suggestions on where they can go for specialized training, so they can receive more in depth coaching.